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Epson’s Leap into the Future: The New 4K Pro UHD Home Theatre Projectors



In the ever-evolving world of home entertainment, Epson has once again set a benchmark with the launch of its most advanced home theatre projector to date. The new 4K Pro UHD models are a testament to Epson’s commitment to bringing cinematic experiences into the comfort of our homes.

The Cutting-Edge Technology

Epson’s latest projectors incorporate a new laser array light source, next-generation image enhancement, and a significant leap in color and white brightness. This advancement is not just a step but a giant leap in home theatre technology.

  1. 4K Pro UHD Resolution: Offering a stunning 4K resolution, these projectors bring images to life with extraordinary clarity. The Pro UHD resolution ensures that every detail is captured, from the subtlest shades to the brightest highlights.
  2. Advanced Image Processing: Epson’s projectors come equipped with sophisticated image processing technology. This feature enhances the depth and sharpness of the images, providing an immersive viewing experience.
  3. High Dynamic Range (HDR): With HDR10 support, these projectors deliver a wider range of color and contrast, making the images more realistic and vibrant.

The User Experience

Epson’s new range is not just about technological prowess; it’s also about user experience. The projectors are designed to be user-friendly, with features that cater to both tech-savvy individuals and those who prefer simplicity.

  • Ease of Installation: The projectors are designed for easy setup, making them accessible to a broader audience. Whether it’s for a dedicated home theatre room or a living room setup, these projectors fit seamlessly into any environment.
  • Smart Capabilities: Integration with smart home systems and voice control compatibility adds convenience, allowing users to control their viewing experience effortlessly.

The Market Impact

The launch of these projectors is significant in the home entertainment market. According to a Forbes article, Epson’s new range could redefine the standards for home projectors. The combination of advanced technology and user-centric design positions Epson as a leader in the market.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Epson’s innovation in home theatre technology is likely to influence future developments in the industry. As consumers seek more immersive and high-quality home entertainment solutions, Epson’s projectors set a precedent for what is possible.


Epson’s new 4K Pro UHD home theatre projectors are more than just a product launch; they represent a new era in home entertainment. With their advanced technology and focus on user experience, these projectors are set to transform how we enjoy movies, sports, and gaming at home. As we embrace this new era, it’s clear that Epson is leading the way in bringing the magic of cinema into our living rooms.


Satellite Over IP is the Key to Reliable 4K Multiscreen Services




The needs of television consumers have been evolving throughout the past decade. We have gone a long way from the days when a family would gather around the television to watch a feature movie during the weekend.

Modern consumers want on-demand content delivered across devices and in the high definition quality. It can be difficult to deliver this to consumers.

The satellite industry responded to this challenge by enhancing internet connectivity and satellite over IP to meet the requirements for people to access high quality TV on multiple screens.

How Viewing Habits have Rapidly Evolved

Consumer viewing habits are shifting for a number of reasons. 4K Television sets are getting progressively cheaper and more and more people can access them.

As more people can afford 4K TV sets, demand for high quality content increases.

Over-The-Top and Subscription Video on Demand video services are spreading and enabling people to view their favorite television shows.

Parks Associates found in their research that 76% of households on Broadband were subscribed onto an OT video service in the first quarter of this year.

Consumers want to access content across all their devices in the house. Most American households have at least one TV that is connected to the internet. Smartphone usage is expected to drive further growth in the future.


Modern television viewing is demanding in terms of bandwidth. 4K TVs bring in an exceptional quality of image and sound but majority of homes do not use them to watch 4K content.

In order to meet the expectations of modern content, households need more broadband bandwidth. The presence of fiber infrastructure and high speed broadband internet in different locations limits the ability to deliver 4K content to homes in remote areas.

In order to stream 4K content in a reliable way, you need a 50mps connection speed. But even in developed countries like the US, average broadband speed is 32.89Mbps. The global broadband speed average is 11.03 Mbps and TV producers have to find ways to deliver content in a way that their viewers can access.

Satellite Delivery over IP

Satellite offers a way to deliver 4K content to all subscribers whether or not they have access to high speed internet.

One of the major benefits of a satellite TV service is that it allows access to quality premium entertainment. With Satellite Delivery over IP, you can deliver 4K content to all smartphones, televisions, tablets, and game consoles in each home.

Satellite Delivery over IP technology takes conventional television signals and converts them to IP based data streams which it then transmits across an IP network for viewing on all IP compatible devices.

With Satellite over IP, you can make high quality content available on a range of devices, even where the infrastructure, like fiber networks, is missing.

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