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Why Entrepreneurs should never Risk Identify Theft



Everyone should do what they can to avoid falling victim to identify theft. It doesn’t matter whether you use the internet as leisure past time or you need it for work.

We can argue that entrepreneurs ate some of the most vulnerable to identity theft and they should take even more precautions than other people to keep themselves safe from it.

Here is why identity theft is a bigger disaster for an entrepreneur, and why preventing it is surprisingly simple.

Entrepreneurs Stand to Lose more Financially

Cash flow problems are responsible for the failure of thousands of businesses to survive their first year. And if the business succeeds in attracting a loyal customer base, a major financial crisis will be all it takes to create a cash crunch that can potentially paralyze business operations.

An incident of Identity Theft can be all it takes to disrupt things badly enough to create just the right circumstances to make it impossible for an entrepreneur to bounce back.

A fraudster can steal business information and use that information to either take a loan or acquire payment cards and undertake large transactions which the company will be liable to pay.

Such an occurrence could significantly harm your business reputation and creditworthiness, doing harm to your ability to stay in business long term.

Security is a Necessity

Entrepreneurs should not think twice about investing in trusted ID theft protection software like Identity Guard. Such a tool will help to keep cybercriminals at bay. Neglecting to do this is harmful for your young business and will make it harder to grow.

Should you succeed in preventing data breaches against yourself, cyber criminals could still steal your customers’ information and use it for shady transactions with your firm.

You will end up with chargebacks from banks and significant cash losses or even as frozen accounts.

Once deployed, automated ID theft protection software will detect fraud by way of identity theft and prevent it from happening. And even though the initial costs may seem prohibitive, they are an excellent investment and quite reasonable when you consider the cost of fraud.

Consider Investing in Training

Entrepreneurs should think of training their staff on identity theft and the best practices to ensure cyber safety. This training should be offered to all staff.

One of the major causes of data loss is human error, and you should see that everyone who works with you understands how to create secure passwords, how to avoid phishing scams, and how to ensure that sensitive data is not left on portable devices unencrypted.

Entrepreneurs cannot eliminate every threat of identity theft, but there are some seemingly small changes you can make that will massively lower your chances of becoming a victim.

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The Israeli Startup Driving a ‘Tree Farming 4.0’ Revolution with AI




An Israeli startup has benefitted from a substantial funding for their AI-powered tree-care drone project.
SeeTree is a startup that is working to help farmers care for their tree using Artificial Intelligence. The startup just received a $30 million funding in a Series B round led by the International Finance Corporation and supported by Citrosuco, Netafim, Orbia Ventures, and Hanaco Ventures who all participated in Series A.

Citrsco is an orange juice firm and Netafim is in drip irrigation.

SeeTree makes it easier for farmers to monitor their trees’ health and track the growth of each tree. It also helps develop individualized plans for the care of single trees or tree clusters.

By fitting fleets of drones with multi-spectral sensors, SeeTree captures ultra-high-resolution images which can be analyzed and compared with soil samples and tree samples.

The company then leverages Machine-Learning algorithms to carry out analyses and feed farmers with information they can act on in real-time to care for their trees. This information allows farmers to understand the state of their trees with regard to water consumption, pests, soil, growth rates, and diseases among other factors.

“We started with citrus and are servicing the largest citrus growers globally. We have a strong playbook and will continue scaling within citrus. We are now equally focused on growing our offerings into new crops such as almonds, olives, and hazelnuts, where we are already deployed and supporting farmers” explains CEO Israel Talpaz.

SeeTree’s work force of 120 is already hard at work monitoring more than fifty million trees in South Africa, Brazil, Chile, and the United States.

“Our vision is to enable the ‘Tree-Farming 4.0 Revolution’ with the Intelligence-per-Tree that we provide. SeeTree as a standalone solution can reduce operational expenses by 20-40%. By connecting SeeTree to tractors, irrigation systems we can unlock additional optimizations to further increase the value to our farmers,” adds Talpaz.

SeeTree has raised more than $45 million since it was founded in 2017 by Israel Talpaz, Barak Hachamov, and Guy Morgenstern. The tech company now wants to use their latest round of funding to take their revolution worldwide, take care of a wider range of crops, and develop their R&D and service delivery capacities.

“SeeTree has scaled in a massive, but frankly difficult-to-penetrate, market,” says Board Director Pasha Romanovski who is also a cofounder at Hanaco Ventures.

“The SeeTree team, led by Israel, has been able to productize a tremendous amount of deep technology into a platform accessible to farmers. They’ve developed great technology and have been able to execute in an important market ripe for innovation – trees.”

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Israeli startup Eloops Connects Remote Workers through Gaming




The new popularity of working from home has proved a threat to corporate identities. How do companies retain a sense of company culture when employees are working from home?

An Israeli startup is innovating a solution to this unique 2020 problem. Eloops has created a game that nurtures connections between corporates and their employees.

Everyone can use gaming to stay in the loop and stay in touch through gaming, much as they would around the water cooler at the office.
Companies can no longer engage in things like Taco Tuesdays, dress down Fridays, or happy hours on Friday afternoons.

These events united management with their employees, but now that companies have lost these moments of shared intimacy, it is easy for teams to become disconnected.

Eloops is a SaaS startup in employee engagement that now wants to help its clients to maintain the connection between employees.

The new platform will soon launch with Eloops targeting human resource professionals with their gamification tool that brings together a host of virtual activities as well as content templates to enhance communication. These technologies will help companies to connect with employees and ingrain their company goals, culture, and values.

Eloop has created engaging content on the platform including trivia, peer-to-peer recognition and reward programs, engaging content, as well as competitions.

The startup allows companies to understand employee engagement better by providing analytics data. Employers will be able to see how frequently employees interact, what activities they prefer, what content is most popular, and who are the most engaged on the team.

The tool allows companies to promote company culture in new ways based on how employees experience the game.

Keeping employees engaged is now more crucial than ever because employees are working remotely than ever before.

Turning the employee experience into a game helps companies to keep their staff connected while they work to align their teams with company values, culture, and goals.

The platform provides engaging activities for employees and awards participation with company coins that they can redeem for fun both online and offline. Rewards can take the form of parking spots, discounts, days off, maybe even a lunch meeting with the company CEO.

Eloops is a company founded in 2017 by Idan Shem Tov along with Sharon Dayag, Naor Melamed, and Tal Groder. Based in Tel Aviv, the company has received backing from Venture Capital funds like Sarona Ventures, Angel Investors, and Fusion LA.

The company has already implemented their game HR magic with a wide range of companies ranging from MultiNationals to SMEs.

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Satellite Over IP is the Key to Reliable 4K Multiscreen Services




The needs of television consumers have been evolving throughout the past decade. We have gone a long way from the days when a family would gather around the television to watch a feature movie during the weekend.

Modern consumers want on-demand content delivered across devices and in the high definition quality. It can be difficult to deliver this to consumers.

The satellite industry responded to this challenge by enhancing internet connectivity and satellite over IP to meet the requirements for people to access high quality TV on multiple screens.

How Viewing Habits have Rapidly Evolved

Consumer viewing habits are shifting for a number of reasons. 4K Television sets are getting progressively cheaper and more and more people can access them.

As more people can afford 4K TV sets, demand for high quality content increases.

Over-The-Top and Subscription Video on Demand video services are spreading and enabling people to view their favorite television shows.

Parks Associates found in their research that 76% of households on Broadband were subscribed onto an OT video service in the first quarter of this year.

Consumers want to access content across all their devices in the house. Most American households have at least one TV that is connected to the internet. Smartphone usage is expected to drive further growth in the future.


Modern television viewing is demanding in terms of bandwidth. 4K TVs bring in an exceptional quality of image and sound but majority of homes do not use them to watch 4K content.

In order to meet the expectations of modern content, households need more broadband bandwidth. The presence of fiber infrastructure and high speed broadband internet in different locations limits the ability to deliver 4K content to homes in remote areas.

In order to stream 4K content in a reliable way, you need a 50mps connection speed. But even in developed countries like the US, average broadband speed is 32.89Mbps. The global broadband speed average is 11.03 Mbps and TV producers have to find ways to deliver content in a way that their viewers can access.

Satellite Delivery over IP

Satellite offers a way to deliver 4K content to all subscribers whether or not they have access to high speed internet.

One of the major benefits of a satellite TV service is that it allows access to quality premium entertainment. With Satellite Delivery over IP, you can deliver 4K content to all smartphones, televisions, tablets, and game consoles in each home.

Satellite Delivery over IP technology takes conventional television signals and converts them to IP based data streams which it then transmits across an IP network for viewing on all IP compatible devices.

With Satellite over IP, you can make high quality content available on a range of devices, even where the infrastructure, like fiber networks, is missing.

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