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How to Recover Deleted Photo with Guaranteed Data Recovery Software?



Different Data Loss Situations can occur at any time. Data and photos from drives can be lost at any time. Make sure to find the best quality of data and try to access the top technology recommended platform which enables the users to get back the valued data to meet with the trusts and the confidence levels of the interested people. 

Find a massive range of useful ideas and plans which are effective and result printed to make sure about the best legendary services features and toe explore personal interests to choose the best available data recovery software. 

Recovers images from SD card, CF card, HDD, camera, and almost all types of drives with full of confidence after getting access to best-recommended data recovery software. Photo recovery software is an excellent choice for interested communities and meets with their interest levels to show their confidante to use the user interface software for immediate data recovery. There are many authorized and world-class data recovery software which can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Meet with your specific objectives and find the original data very quickly and take full initiatives to resolve the specific action plans. 

Pay your special attention and positive response to meet with your interest levels and show your confidence levels to find the best data recovery software and enable yourself to meet with your specific formalities with fats and easy processing. There is nothing impossible for authorized people to get back their lost photos from any storage drives because EaseUS Data Recovery Software makes enable them to find their interests relevant lost data into original form. 

Find a massive range of opportunities and authentic platforms to meet with your objectives and enable yourself to show your talent and skills and to find a quick response. Everything is possible to recover lost data and to manage the overall lost files. Download the best photo recovery software and find an excellent response from great featuring services and have good compliments to find the quick initiatives to resolve data lost files issues. To recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos from multiple storage devices are possible to like from mobile phones, cameras, flash drives, memory cards, computers, mobile phones, etc. 

Free easy photo recovery is possible with guaranteed and best featured data recovery software which enables users to find the best-featured data and to manage the lost files into the original form. Get an easy-to-use data recovery wizard for different data loss situations. Get back to your photos, documents, videos, and other valued files with immediate action response and get back to find your valued data from online and creative platforms. 

EaseUS file recovery software is the most advisable choice for interested communities to meet with the objectives of interested communities and to resolve the worries with immediate action plans. Having a reliable source of information means getting authentic and valued information about instant responding action plans and enabling the users to find the valued response from a user-friendly platform. 

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Learn how to Delete Duplicated WhatsApp Videos and Pictures




WhatsApp has just introduced a new storage management tool that allows users to get rid of duplicated files easily.

The new storage management system has already been deployed globally allowing WhatsApp users worldwide to get rid of duplicated videos and images.

WhatsApp has designed a new storage management system that identifies videos and images that were shared repeatedly and over time.

WhatsApp originally stored everything from individual chats and analyzed text messages, videos, and photos transmitted by users in detail.

Users were allowed to delete these items to make more phone storage available. Now, WhatsApp can use its new storage management system to recognize the photos and videos that show up repeatedly and put them in organize them according to the storage they occupy.

The tool also lists photos, files, and videos according to file size, and forwarded multiple times.

Users are now in a position to preview the selected lists and deleting them either piece by piece or in bulk.

WhatsApp will also notify users whenever their phones are about to run out of storage for new media files and messages.

After receiving the new update, you will be able to go to the WhatsApp settings, tap ‘Storage and Data,’ select ‘Manage Storage’ to access the new storage management system.

WhatsApp now displays a bar graph of the storage in use by WhatsApp. The new tool categorizes videos and images under ‘larger than 5MB’ and ‘forwarded many times.’

You will be able to review the selections and delete items by storage space.

This new storage management system will enable WhatsApp users to open up storage in their phones. The tool will prove useful for smartphone users, particularly the ones who struggle with storage space on their phones.

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Here’s how to Video Chat on Tinder




Recently, Tinder introduced the ability to video call your matches, which is a perfect feature for pandemic-era dating. Find out more about the so-called ‘Face to Face:’

The coronavirus pandemic completely interrupted the world of dating as we knew it. Millions of people worldwide and in the UK suddenly could not socialize with anyone who was not already part of their household, making meeting a new person and sparking a connection next to impossible.

It began over the summer when infection rates began to change, albeit at a safe social distance. Now that several European countries are in lockdown again, dating is once again off the cards.

Popular dating app Tinder has responded to this new challenge with a new feature called Face to face which allows people to video call matches and enjoy a virtual date.

Continue reading if you want to know how to get started.

How Tinder Video Chats Work

In this tutorial, we start with the assumption that you already have a match that you want to video call. If this isn’t true for you, you can go back to swiping and find someone you want to match.

  1. Open the Google Play or App Store and make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.
  2. Open the Tinder app and look for your matches through the speech bubble icon found on the screen top.
  3. Under ‘Messages’ or ‘New Matches,’ tap on the person you want to video call.
  4. On the screen top right, tap on the icon ‘Face to Face,’ which appears like a camcorder.
  5. In the appearing window, tap on the toggle, meaning your interest is Face to Face, and tap ‘Done.’
  6. You’ll have to request your match to follow the same steps. Face to Face only works when both parties agree to video chat.
  7. The parties have to show their interest, and a text will appear indicating the unlocking of Face to Face.
  8. When you tap the icon, it prompts you to agree to the ground rules.
  9. First, preview what your match should see before tapping ‘call.’
  10. When you want to end the call, like with other video calling apps, tap on the red ‘End’ button.
  11. Once you end the call, you’ll be prompted to say whether you want to Face to Face again. Don’t worry. Your match won’t see your answer.

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AI Powers for Routing Software




A fleet manager’s most important tool is probably his routing software. Also known as route optimization software, this tool organizes vehicles and routes as well as drivers taking into account the location of a customer and the availability of vehicles.

Routing software saves time by taking care of all these tasks instantly and quickly adapting plans to changing situations.

But before there was Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, fleet managers had to do all this manually.

It made for a tedious task prone to human error. It is incredible that a software can analyze a situation from different angles and make decisions on the go.

This is one technological innovation that is extremely underappreciated for its power to fundamentally change how different industries function and connecting people in different ways.

The Impact of Routing Software on Industries

Initially, routing software was intended for delivery service providers to use. But it has since spread its influence to other industries, some of which do not even have delivery as a function.

Millions of consumers enjoy same-day delivery when they order products. This modern-day convenience is a direct result of maximum efficiency routing systems powered by AI and Big Data.

This innovation has made e-commerce such a huge industry by giving shoppers more convenience than ever.

Routing software is useful in the heavy transport industry where it tells drivers the best routes to take for their size of their vehicle and its weight.

Industries like construction, water treatment, gas stations, and restaurants all leverage routing software to reach customers better.
Because deliveries are so ubiquitous, there are many types of routing software available. Every business owner needs to choose routing software suited to their unique needs.

Medium-sized businesses might not use the same routing software as a trucking company.

Why AI Matters so much for Routing Software

With e-commerce came a need to deliver goods faster and more trucks were needed on the road. But in order to maximize profits, there was a need to improve efficiency because e-commerce businesses were willing to pay more for faster delivery services.

This was how Artificial Intelligence became so essential for delivery companies and routing software. AI brought in the intelligent brains needed to sift through large amounts of data to come up with the best routes for delivery. This in turn enhanced customer experience in a way that would not have been possible without AI.

Because of AI, all routing softwares are capable of monitoring drivers as well as planning the most efficient routes.

With smart systems, the routing software can also adapt to cope with unforeseen circumstances like sudden traffic jams.


When you consider the implications of routing software powered by Artificial Intelligence, it is hardly surprising that this innocuous piece of community has changed the world.

Big ecommerce companies like Amazon are not satisfied. They want to do even better. The system can be adapted for use with self-driving cars for greater efficiency.

The transportation of goods and people across the world is growing more and more efficient. The best is yet to come.

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